What are the major functions of Political Parties?

Major Functions of Political Parties

Political Parties Contest Election –  Political parties do not contest elections themselves. In democratic countries, candidates fight the election on behalf of the political party. 

For example – In most democratic countries like India, Japan etc, the top leaders of political parties choose candidates. But in the United States, on the contrary, to become a candidate of a party, first of all, you have to contest within the party, in which the people of the party and their supporters will vote, after winning the election within the party, then-candidate will able to contest the election on behalf of the political party.

Political parties play the role of opposition – It is necessary to have a strong opposition political party in any democratic country so that the country remains in balance. Opposition political parties criticize the government’s wrong policies and failures.

Political Parties Play a decisive role in making laws – Political parties also have a huge contribution in making the law, after deliberating on the law, it is passed by the Legislative Assembly. However, as the majority of the members belong to the ruling party, they support the party by keeping their personal views separate.

Access to government machinery and Welfare Schemes –  Political Parties sometimes also work as a gateway to access government welfare schemes. It is easier for ordinary people to reach a local political leader, rather than reaching a government officer.

Parties Shape Public Opinion – Political Parties Raise and highlight issues. Millions of people are associated with political parties across the country. Sometimes Political Parties also launch a movement for the resolution of problems faced by people, due to which the views of the people get attached to the views of that political party, due to which the political parties can shape public opinion.

Political Parties put forward different policies and programmes – The political party puts various policies and programs in front of the people on whose basis we vote. Everyone has different views in the country when a group of people support a political party, this means that a group of people associate their views with the party, and this gives the government a direction as to what people want.

Political Parties Form and Run Government – Major decisions such as the introduction of a Bill in Parliament which will have a huge impact are all taken by political executives, who reflect the ideology of the political party. The party recruits people to train them, and then the competent people from them handle different ministries.

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